A thing about toothpaste

Niklas is here 2,5 years old.

–        February/March, 2013 –

This morning Niklas has expressed a wish to brush his teeth while I was brushing mine. In order to do so, he brought his little stool into our narrow bathroom, put it in front of the sink and stepped resolutely onto it. I spread his light blue, glittery and translucent toothpaste on his sophisticated junior toothbrush.

After handing Niklas his tooth-brushing tool, I did the same with mine. Because of my fruit intolerance, I use a toothpaste free of sorbitol and other with “-tol” ending ingredients. At least two of those I tried so far have a strange pinkish color of teeth-ridge, including the one I use today.

When Niklas saw my toothpaste, his face changed from smiling one to one full with disgust and he proclaimed: “Den kan ikke smage godt!” which translated from Danish means: “That cannot taste good!” All I could do is agree with him.