An Invitation to an Online Cafe

A timer and a cup of espresso. You will these two often find on my desk ( the first often set to 5 minutes, and the second – sometimes empty).

I recently learned of a page where the creators and their supporters could meet, and it had a flair of a cafe. I like it because it feels for me like a mixture of Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and a Crowdfunding space, all in one. Plus you support not just in money, but with a cup of coffee. 🙂

So, I started the page also to share, apart from my writing, some fun pictures from my daily life (I don’t use Instagram anymore). Especially the images of coffee and games. 😀 The will be about turning our lives into fun games.

In my first post there, “Join me for a cup of coffee (or tea),” you can read what it will be about and what I will be posting there.

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