Brought safely on the ground

The first movie my son has ever watched in a cinema was Disney Planes. He loved it. His Dad and I, who joined him in the cinema enjoyed it, too. We still enjoy watching it on DVD. Just as Disney Cars, Niklas watches Planes again and again. And at some scenes he hardly moves, sometimes standing on his knees in front of the coffee table and fixing his gaze to the laptop screen, which substitutes a TV-set in our household.

Last Saturday, Niklas decided that there must be something new about Dusty, main character of Disney Planes movie, on the “new-tube”. All we found were various commercials that soon bored both of us. After a prolonged search, I suggested to play something together, or as an alternative to start the movie on DVD.

“No. I want to see Dusty on new-tube!”

“Ok”. I searched. Then I searched a bit more. All we found were short snippets from the movie in various languages, each of which Niklas claims to understand, or hour long recordings of video games or commercials.

At some point I lost my temper and said in a slightly unnerved tone: “Sweetheart, you have so many great DVDs, of which are all Cars DVDs and the Planes DVD, and you waste your time with watching this boring nonsense!”

Niklas’ calm answer was: “Don’t lower yourself to their level.”*

And with this, my son brought me safely to the ground of laughter and made me forget my agenda of, oh, so many important things. We watched the movie together holding hands and having breaks in between to fly toy planes around the living room landscape.

* This was what Dottie said to Chuck when he got angry with Ned and Zed making fun of him and Dusty. The Dusty fans will know which scene I am talking about. 😉

Picture: my Dusty, the fastest plane in the “Wings around the Globe Rally”, who is much faster than my high-resolution phone camera 😉 , and the sweetest boy on the world! Taken yesterday at the carnival celebration for children organized by the Sankt-Markus church community in Aalborg.