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For a good laugh

I have several books with quotes, jokes and “Brain Droppings” as the title of a book by George Carlin name them.

This book is one of the quirkiest, funniest and sharpest of this kind I have found so far.

Here are five of George Carlin’s brain droppings I’ve discovered in this book today (and which made me laugh, as well as also stop and think), with some of my brain droppings on the side:

“A laugh is a smile with a hole in it.”
That made a hole in my smile.

“I never liked a man I didn’t meet.”
Did this make you frown and then laugh?

“Always do whatever’s next.”
Obvious, isn’t it? No more questions in the future.

The Rule No. 11 from “Rules to live by” is simply hilarious and makes daydreaming, of which I often blame myself, sound all the more attractive 😉 :
“Always remember, today doesn’t count. Trying to make something out of today only robs you of precious time that could be spent daydreaming or resting up.”

“The nicest thing about anything is not knowing what it is.”
True. As soon as we think we know it, this anything looses its sparkle for us. But if we notice that it interests others, we suddenly see it in a different light, since we didn’t know it could be interesting for someone else except us. So, it’s new and unknown again.

Pictures: I discovered these after waking from two different day dreams (And in case you ask, or maybe not – yes, I did make an “Aw!” sound and water the second).

IMG_0352 IMG_0350

Relativity of the impossible

Ambitions and agendas drive us forward, make us motivated and are necessary for the progress. In our hurried times our agendas become overcrowded, overloaded and over the top. We even create agendas for agendas. And then we moan about not being able to relax or don’t have the time for free time. At least the voice of my internal radio plays this moaning “song” regularly.

A judging “song” follows.

And you know what I discover again and again? It’s all natural! Even my sweet little daughter Emma has agendas and as soon as she gets what she wants (for example Mama’s scarf) she disregards this very thing she wanted a second ago and wants the next thing (Mama’s locket on a chain, which Mama forgot to take off).

And then there is a “song” about impossibility and hardship of life. The life does appear hard, and quite often. Even when the dreams come true. The wonderful thing is to realize that the “life-is-hard” is just an angle we see it. At another angle it can appear completely differently.

So let’s experiment and find angles at which life is simply fun.

Picture: Who said, it’s impossible to wear many hats at the same time? My son Niklas proves the opposite.


Question: Do you remember the last time you were in rage or on the verge of tears and then in the next moment laughing (maybe through tears) and wanting to dance (or jump, or similar)? Who or what helped you to switch your life from impossible to wonderful?

A braided day

Multitasking was “in” several years ago. And since it didn’t work for many, concentrating on one task or uni-tasking is more and more appreciated and emphasized today.

I must admit that I sometimes confuse uni-tasking for doing one thing the whole day or at least for the biggest part of it. This misconception does lead me into upsets and being annoyed on all kind of interruptions including from inside, like hunger, thirst etc.

Today was one of the days when I became aware of this behaviour on my part. So I started a game with myself naming all the jobs and/or activities I was practicing today. Here are some of them (please, don’t take them too seriously or literally):

  • Day-care provider for my six-month-old daughter,
  • Entertainer for my children,
  • Santa-Claus on the International Children’s Day,
  • Cook for my family,
  • Cleaning personnel,
  • Moving specialist (unpacker) with inner design skills (applicable probably only to our home),
  • Writer,
  • Editor of technical content,
  • Job searcher,
  • Home owner showing the building company specialist, which small quirks in our house are to be corrected,
  • Travel manager assistant (within family),
  • Laundry master,
  • Knowledge manager (in our new home, where to find what 😉 ),
  • Etc.

Some of the activities were done and finished. But most of them were started, interrupted by another one, mainly by the very first one in the list above, and then done again.

If I smiled at this “chaos”, then it became productive; if I complained, the space around me darkened, in spite of the bright shiny day today.

Fortunately, the complaints were often exchanged with wonder at all the surprises the life had for me in tow and how my plans for several hours up front were always overthrown.

So, during one of the washing/cleaning activities, I think it was while drying Emma’s bottles, I tried to imagine a pattern for my day it could symbolize. Braids came immediately to mind. I considered the alternative of mosaic but realized that some of the activities were not granular but continued after being interrupted, and if I took care of and time for them then the “hair” inside was smooth and “obedient” and braided nicely into a clean arc.

You might ask, what this kind of symbol is good for. Well, it helped me to visualize my day and seeing it as a braid made it pretty, not an ugly and miserable experience of chaos as I often had in the past.

Then, in the past, I often considered only one activity as worthy and important, so that I consequently and subsequently thought: “I didn’t manage anything today!” But when I made the list above today, the only thing I had to say was “Wow. Not bad at all!”

I am sure most of us juggle tens of activities in job, family and many other areas. And we complain that we don’t make any progress in what is supposedly our preferred occupation.

But isn’t one step forward fun in itself?! Because it brings us further. Every step is a step forward, because we can learn from any of our experiences, even when being tired and irritated. But only if we take a step back, disengage from those feelings and consider them in a nonjudgmental way.

Then we are free to choose the next step without any pressure of achievement or fear what others would say.

Picture: I must say that I am in awe again and again that our house, the way it is today, was built upon the design decisions and adjustments by my husband and me. That we were who made it possible. Here you can see how it looked from outside about a week ago. Now the garden and terraces are taking shape. All of this was and is done one step at a time. In a very braided manner. Also when not done by us.


Post number 102 – Now what?

Two years ago I had this idea to write a novel based on the first 101 posts.

I also suggested that I might write a “sane” novel in-between.

Now, my first novel is published. It is sane to some extent and risky as I was told in respect to the chosen topic.

I must admit that I started thinking about this crazy 101 idea long before I wrote 50 blog posts and published my first novel. The attempt to connect various blog posts into a novel led me gradually to the idea for the second book I am writing currently, which will be actually a series. I will post a short description of the first book in the series soon.

But the most important lesson I learned that you can’t bend a story without making it stale and unnaturally sounding. It simply has to flow in its own pace and direction. So, I might not use all 101 first posts for my second work in progress. But I do use details from various blog-posts, from my memories and imaginations and put them together as mosaic.

Do I have plans, dreams where I want to see myself after the next 101 posts? I do. To publish more books. I guess this wish will stay for quite some time, also after the third, the fourth, and further times 101 posts in a row.

Picture: This is how the kitchen in our new house looks like. The bar in the middle was my personal wish and I am sure, I will write many a page at it with a cup of Espresso by the side of my computer.


Let’s enjoy the ride

We came back yesterday from our Easter vacation in Germany with my husband’s family. It was a wonderful vacation: colourful, vibrant, engaging in a house where five children and six adults gathered to see each other after a long time.

Today, while taking care of my sweet baby Emma, I switched on music, to which I listened before we took off for Germany. This was The Greatest Hits by James Taylor, Volume 2.

A short back-story: A friend introduced me to James’s Taylor music many years ago. I fell immediately in love with his soothing music, gentle voice and wonderful lyrics. Since discovering his songs, I wanted to see him live in concert. In the beginning of the last year, I found out that he was coming to Denmark, to Århus, just a bit more than one hour car-drive away from Aalborg, where we live. I am the only James’s Taylor fan in my family, so no one was keen to come with me. Earlier I would then decide that I couldn’t go alone, be bitter and blame the others for me not being able to do what I wanted to. But that time was different. I already discovered by then that taking responsibility for my own life can be real fun and that no one can live my life for me except myself. So, I decided to go alone.

Actually, I wasn’t quite alone. I was pregnant with Emma: big, round belly nicely showing. I attracted many curious looks followed by smiles when I met the gaze of people passing by or neighbours in the row where I was seated. I danced, sang along and enjoyed the concert immensely. Since this concert I have a key-chain with the title of this concert’s tour and a picture of James Taylor. I bought it to remind me that it is up to me to achieve or not my dreams. That I can go wholeheartedly where my instinct and my life take me instead of resisting and spoiling the adventure.

Last week, while packing for our Easter journey to Germany I recalled that babies recognize sounds and music they hear in their mother’s womb. So I made a test and played James’s Taylor music to Emma. I was delighted to discover that she stopped crying, looked around, as if trying to remember, and then slowly drifted into sleep while I was gently dancing with her in my arms to James’s music.

Today, while listening to the album again together with Emma, the following words caught my attention:

“Isn’t it a lovely ride?
Sliding down, gliding down,
Try not to try too hard,
It’s just a lovely ride.

The secret of life
Is enjoying the passage of time.”

From Secret O’ Life

I smiled, searched the lyrics on-line, pinned it to my favourites bar, and wrote this post.

Picture: Niklas enjoying a train ride at a fun fair in Magdeburg this Easter Sunday.