Friends at work

As a remote employee, I enjoy quiet times when I can let my brain steam and bubble while doing my job in the complete silence of our home during the day.

But I truly enjoy my monthly travels to the office I belong with.

If on any particular reason the time between the travels to the office is longer that one month, then I notice something, or rather I notice that something or someone is missing.

I miss my friends at work. Without various social and meeting networks one month would be much, much too long. These sweet people are not just colleagues. They are my friends!

I claim that my colleagues are ones of the very best one could have in the world. And I suspect that everyone who loves his or her job, does it also because of great colleagues.

And another claim of mine: any working place has great people, or at least one great and kind person, and most will welcome you if you welcome them.

December Christmas atmosphere has surely amplified this warm feeling of being together with my colleagues. We worked hard on closing up many projects and tasks at the end of the year, but we also laughed, joked, helped and encouraged each other in our work.

This time, there were three of us, “remote ones” in the office, or rather two “children who moved out and came to visit” and one “cousin” from the sister-office in another country. I had an impression that everyone was happy to see us and that our stay had a special meaning. By deliberate “luck” we were the ones to be drawn to open pre-Christmas presents on these days of visit.

The Christmas party was, of course, the highlight with the fun games, wonderful meal and dances afterwards.

I was so warmed and impressed by the intensity of these two days I spent with my colleagues, that I couldn’t stop thinking about this during my flight back home.

Therefore this post, which I dedicate to all great colleagues of this world, whichever job you are doing and wherever you are working. Thank you for supporting your friends at work no matter how far they may be! Thank you for your special friendship!


Picture: there is a sky-walk between the national and international flight areas in Copenhagen airport. I usually choose to go below it along a narrow walk leading directly to the gate I often suppose to take, but this time, on an impulse, I chose the sky-walk. And I was rewarded! The whole walk was lined-up with beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Every column had one adjacent to it! A picture was a must! In fact I took nine! And share two of them with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  to everyone who reads these lines!

IMG_0098 IMG_0101