Language coaching for non-native speakers

Language is the ultimate vehicle for our thoughts to be expressed.

We use it when we write a letter, when we express our feelings, when we ask for help, when we offer services, and endless more.

No wonder that it is daunting to learn a foreign language. Will those who grew up with it understand me? Will they laugh at the way how I use it? Or will they appreciate my efforts? Will my language skills help or hinder me to have success in my job? Will it bring me closer with the person I fell in love with?

Some people start a relationship without understanding each other much. Other say to their partners, “I am so glad you learned my language! If you wouldn’t have been able to speak my mother tongue, I don’t know whether we would be together today.”

Language is needed to study, to accommodate in a new country, to become its citizen, to start feeling at home in a new place.

I speak four languages well. One is improving every day. And in seven more I either am a beginner or have a knowledge of. I am fascinated with languages. But as everyone else I have my own  challenges with assimilating a language. Now that I think of it, without a challenge, I would probably not be interested in learning a new one.

Yes, every of the five languages I speak had brought and still bring challenges with them. I mix them up and I separate again. I dream, read and write in them. In some more in some less. My skills in none of these five languages are perfect, but they evolve every day and I treat them as my treasure. Which they are.

I would like to help you increase these very special treasures and help you to step over your fears in language learning.

I’ve taught groups and individuals in various languages. For some of them, language skills were essential to keep a job. For very few it was out of curiosity. Many of my students became friends.

Let me help you as a friend would, but also motivate and make you accountable for your growing language skills.

Here are the languages I can offer:

    • English,
    • German,
    • Russian,
    • Romanian.

Price for one hour is 399 DKK / 53 EUR / 59 USD / 41 GBP (including taxes).

The very first hour is free of charge so that we can find out what your wishes and needs for the given language and course are. We will also agree on the initial amount of hours for the training course.

The training courses can take place on Skype or in person (if you are situated or are willing to come to Aalborg).

Please, contact me at to book your first hour.

P.S. I can help you fall in love with the language you are learning. 🙂