Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life into Fun Games


The above is the promotional video for my online course Motivate Yourself By Turning Your Life Into Fun Games, published on Udemy in 2018.

Self-motivational is a solitary task. No one can motivate yourself better than you. Others might offer you tools, but those tools will have no chance and no effect if you resist using or at least trying them out.

Creating this online course was an experiment in itself, which I am happy to have done. So far, I didn’t create other courses, but I am happy I have created that one. Without it, there wouldn’t be almost two hundred students on Udemy who enrolled and profited from it, and my book Self-Gamification Happiness Formula: How to Turn Your Life into Fun Games might not have existed or had been much different. I suspect it might have been of much poorer shape and substance.

To the most part, the book follows the script I created for the course and builds upon it. I had added more material when I published the book a year later, but the first draft and the core concept were created in this course. This is where I described and defined the Self-Gamification approach in its fullness for the first time. I am thrilled that the course continues attracting those who search for motivational courses on Udemy.


The next step

I invite you to check out the course and make use of the following offer.

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