The things I don’t think about

I don’t think there is something I haven’t thought about. Well, perhaps there is, but with this thought stated right here, right now, I have thought about that as well. I know, very confusing. Tell me about it!

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to confuse and fool ourselves by the mere thought starting with “I don’t think about it”!

Here is what happened many years ago and probably not only once, when I was trying to overcome a heartbreak of a “love crash” for a friend who didn’t return my feelings. After a short break in a long train of thoughts about him, I congratulated myself: “Hey, I am not thinking about him!” After a while I understood the ridiculousness of this thought and had to laugh out loud. This started the healing process.

Today, I am grateful for all those experiences and how my life turned out, because even if I didn’t want those experiences at that time, I treasure all I have in my life today; at least when I am aware of what I have.

The thought “I don’t think about this” reminds me often of the famous experiment: “Now, don’t think of a blue elephant in front of your door!” This flash of memory is followed by a big grin on my face and a realization that both the greatest and the worst wizards of the world, as I experience it, live in my own head.