Upon the second look

Christmas holidays are packed with many impressions and events. And these events – meeting family and friends, going to Christmas market, going to cozy restaurants, cooking, going for a walk, to a playground, and many other – come with incredible density, that we often can only grant a first look on what we see and experience.

Photographs are the wonderful means not only to catch a memory but they also give us a possibility for a second look.

Here are some pictures of my holidays these year and my discoveries upon the second look.

A fir tree in front of a house: something caught my sight and made me to make this picture. And when the picture was made I noticed the harmony and how all three fit together: the house, the pattern on it and the tree had a sharp top, all pointing up and the contrast in colors making the bank in front of the house calling to take a seat and catch a breath and look around.


Hot coffee is one of my favorite drinks. Noticing damp raising from a hot drink in a picture, of which I thought to be at first of bad quality, made me sigh with pleasure.


The lights on the tree, above and under it, add a special magic to it. This Christmas tree is framed with light. I discovered this while looking at the picture. Upon the second look.


The picture below was made by mistake on our way to a Christmas market. And now upon a second look I really like it. Many of the pavements we walk are very special and we fail to see them while trying to reach our goals. I am grateful to this “mistake”. It made me appreciate the way I took.


The two pictures below attracted my first look, but looking at them together while writing this post made me realize that we humans are able to make wonderful things out of seemingly mundane things: cabinets with electrical equipment and walls can become eye catchers and smile bringers.