What is “it” in “Worth it”?

Isn’t it amazing how many different fears we have? One of my fears was and sometimes is to do something which is not worth it.

But what exactly should this something be worth? I couldn’t answer this question immediately after it appeared. But one was clear, this “it” was in the future.

Was this the reason, why I couldn’t answer what “it” was? Of course! If I think of the present, then I know what “it” is. Every activity should bring at least an ounce of fun. Any activity should be worth having fun.

And how is this achieved? By being here, of course! And not comparing the current moment or activity to anything else. Either in the past or in the future.

You think, we can’t compare to the future? We sure can. We do it all the time. Because we define our future by our expectations. Whether good or bad.

So, here we go again. Don’t expect and you’ll be surprised.

Pictures: last weekend was definitely worth it. Celebrating birthday of my best friend and niece Mihaela, together with the family and our loved ones. The day was full of surprises. Here are two of them, both related to the Gamle By (Old City) in the middle of Århus. A modern building “photo-bombing” the view of the old city, and me posing with the founder of the same city. Earlier I thought I would be too serious or too old for this kind of “silly” fun. Today I more and more often think that having fun is very clever in itself.

2014-08-02 18.36.42 2014-08-02 18.20.38