Welcome to Optimist Writer!

My name is Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, and I am the founder of Optimist Writer. I write books, provide content (tools) as well as content editing, training, and consulting services for writers, business professionals, and S1000D users. I am keen to find the potential in any challenge, to disentangle complex projects into logical sequences of steps, to bring creativity and a positive attitude to any project, and to help managers, writers, and persons with other occupations and callings to turn their projects and lives into fun, successful games.

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I am focusing right now very much on self-gamification, a unique self-help approach that can help you manage your projects — and your life — easily by turning any activity into a fun, effortless and successful game. That is why I dedicated a separate page to this topic on the main menu bringing together the content I create.

For a detailed list of my Business, Motivational and Fictional books, click here.

Motivational Books:

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Business Books:

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Fiction Books:


 NIAIS ebook cover  between-grace-and-abyss  VIB-TheTruthAboutFamily-eBookCover

Series “A Life Upside Down”:

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