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My name is Victoria Ichizli-Bartels. I am an author of over 20 books, writer of over 300 articles on Medium.com, instructor of two online courses, and expert in the areas of Self-Gamification (= “life-gaming” = turning work and personal life into fun games) and S1000D (especially business rules).

I am also a life gamer, turning any challenge, project, task, or activity
into fun games for myself.

Here is my invitation and challenge to you:

Invest in becoming your life’s best designer and player.
Save yourself the costs of seriousness and drama.
Gain resourcefulness, mastery, and fun.

I can help you learn to do this effortlessly and with fun by applying Self-Gamification, the gameful self-help approach that brings together anthropology (awareness), kaizen (philosophy of small steps), and gamification (gamefulness and playfulness) into a powerful synergy and toolset.

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