Results for This Year’s Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Some of you might know that this year, for the second time, I have submitted one of my books with the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. As in last year, I haven’t won anything. But once again the grades and the feedback from the judges was amazing! Here are the results: “Entry Title: 5 Minute […]


Self-Gamification and Business

The Story Behind Self-Gamification

I turn my life into games since two years. During these two years, deliberately. Now I realize that I applied game-design principles also before to my life, but unbeknown to me until now. Since the last half a year, I gamify all areas of my life and have immense fun with it. When I first […]



Let’s Talk About BREX: A Feb. 2018 Contribution to Mekon’s Bitesize Business Rules Series

There is hardly an S1000D implementation without BREX today. Check out my past month’s contribution to the Mekon’s BR Bitesize series to find out what BREX is and isn’t. Click on the title of the article “Let’s Talk About BREX” or here to find out more. (Credits: Photograph © with the keyword exchange)


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