Self-Gamification Club

(former Procrastination Breakers’ Club)

The Self-Gamification Club (earlier called Procrastination Breakers’ Club) was introduced in Edition 1 of the book 5 Minute Perseverance Gamer.

There is a private Facebook Group for the club. Sometimes it is dormant, and sometimes I share my latest articles on turning life into fun games. But either way, it offers a safe space to ask questions in a small and supportive group.

I see it as something where we can “play alone together” (Credits for the expression, which is also called “ambient sociability”: The Stanford and PARC research team quoted by Jane McGonigal in Reality is Broken). You can turn your life into fun games only by yourself, but you can ask other life-gamers for help and advice.

The possibility to join the Self-Gamification Club is open to all monthly subscribers to Optimist Writer’s page on ko-fi.