Self-Gamification: A Unique Self-Help Approach

I am an avid life-gamer. That means that I live my life as if it was a huge and exciting collection of fun games. In the process of turning my life into games, an approach emerged, which with time I started calling Self-Gamification.

Self-Gamification is a unique self-help approach combining three brilliant methods (anthropology, kaizen, and gamification) to help you manage your projects, activities, and your life as a whole, by turning them into fun, effortless, and successful games.

In Self-Gamification, you are both the designer and the player of your self-motivational games. Self-motivational games are what your projects and activities become when you turn them into games.

The two main reasons to turn your life into games are the resourcefulness with which you will find solutions in (almost) any situation, and the effortlessness and fun you will have in achieving your goals.

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What people say

Sascha Christensen, award-winning YA (Young Adult) fantasy author:
“Man, this concept is actually really effective for me. :D”
This is the one you helped break my block on, btw ;).”


Linda Lassiter, a participant of the online course
Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life Into Fun Games
on Udemy; 2019:

“I will be retiring in about a year and feel anxiety about the process of preparing. I decided to gamify my life to help me prepare with joy instead of concern and help my students look at ways to gamify their own lives. I already use Classcraft in my math classes for fun and motivation. I was looking for a way to make gamifying my life easier when I came upon your course. I am excited about the process you are presenting. Trying to figure this out on my own has been more difficult than I thought it would be. Thank you for your help. “


Atanas Nikolov, Technical Support Specialist at GoDaddy, Sofia, Bulgaria;
posted on LinkedIn on August 29, 2020:

“Recently we had a brainstorming session with her, which was very useful and she helped us to find new ways to develop our mobile app for recycling – using gamification. This is very important to us since users always need to be entertained and to feel great when doing an online activity. We were looking for ways to keep them engaged. She is a very smart and creative professional who I recommend and will be glad to speak with at another meeting in the next stage of our app.”

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