This page will provide resources for Self-Gamification, a unique self-help approach combines three brilliant methods and helps you manage your projects — and your life — easily by turning any activity into a fun, effortless and successful game.


Here is a video introducing a book crowdfunding project Self-Gamification: Turn Your Life into a Fun Game.


Find below  chapter of the Self-Gamification: Turn Your Life into a Fun Game telling the story behind the self-gamification project (click on the link or the picture):


A set of slides from a seminar introducing the audience to reason why it makes sense to turn projects, project management our lives, in general, into fun games, and how it can be done.


Self-gamification started with the little book called 5 Minute Perseverance Game: Play Daily for a Month and Become the Ultimate Procrastination Breaker.

More information is coming soon.