This page provides and gives references to resources for Self-Gamification, a unique self-help approach combines three brilliant methods (anthropology, kaizen, and gamification) and helps you manage your projects — and your life — easily by turning any project or activity into a fun, effortless, and successful game.

In Self-Gamification, you are both the designer and the player of your self-motivational games. Self-motivational games are what your projects and activities become when you turn them into games.

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The latest book on Self-Gamification:

New Book in April 2020!

A book and a series of videos:

Gameful Isolation

Book 3 in Series “Gameful Life”

Making the Best of a Crisis,
the Self-Gamification Way

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Published in March 2020:

Gameful Healing:
Almost a Memoir; Not Quite a Parable

Book 2 in Series “Gameful Life”

This is a story about learning to navigate health conditions without judgment; making progress towards healing in small, incremental steps; and approaching those steps with a fun, gameful attitude.
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Published in February 2020:

The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How
of Turning Life into Fun Games

A Compressed Version
of the Self-Gamification Happiness Formula
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Published in January 2020:

Gameful Project Management

Book 1 in Series “Gameful Life”

Self-Gamification Based Awareness Booster for Your Project Management Success
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Started in January 2020:

Series “Gameful Life”

Books in progress:

Further books (planned so far):

  • Book 4: Gameful Writing -> being edited
  • Book 5: Gameful Practice -> in progress
  • Gameful Parenting
  • Gameful Communication
  • Gameful Learning
  • Gameful Teaching
  • Gameful Work
  • … (you can suggest a topic :D)


A detailed discourse on Self-Gamification

The Self-Gamification Happiness Formula:
How to Turn Your Life into Fun Games

Read the book and learn how to motivate yourself by practicing self-gamification — a unique self-help approach to implementing game design elements into your life.
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The first book on Self-Gamification

(before the appearance of the term and the concept)

Self-Gamification started with the little book called
5 Minute Perseverance Game.

Play this fun little game daily for a month and become the ultimate procrastination breaker.

Online Course:

Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life into Fun Games
Practice Self-Gamification, a Unique Self-Help Approach Uniting Anthropology, Kaizen, and Gamification

Free Videos and Slideshare

This introductory video to the Udemy course on Self-Motivation and Self-Gamification (…) explains one of the reasons why I created this course. The course’s title is: Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life Into Fun Games. And the subtitle: Practice Self-Gamification, a Unique Self-Help Approach Uniting Anthropology, Kaizen, and Gamification

You can now learn about Self-Gamification for an online course on Udemy:

Check out the promotional video of the course here:

Here is a video introducing a book crowdfunding project Self-Gamification: Turn Your Life into a Fun Game. The project didn’t reach its target, but the video gives an idea of what the book will be about. I am working right now on finalizing the manuscript.

A set of slides from a seminar introducing the audience to reason why it makes sense to turn projects, project management our lives, in general, into fun games, and how it can be done.

Coaching for businesses and individuals on
Gameful Project Management

Self-gamification community

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