Motivational Books

Available since December 2022

Actual Real-Life Role-Playing Games

A Gamefully Philosophical View on Life and How to Design and Play It

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Gameful Habits
How to Turn Your Daily Practices into Fun Games

Book 7 in Series “Gameful Life”

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Gameful Blogging on
Thirteen Levels in the Epic Adventure of a Top Writer and Super Creator on Medium

Book 6 in Series “Gameful Life”

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5 Minute Perseverance Game
2nd (5-Year) Edition

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Gameful Mind
Solve the Puzzle of Your Enigmatic Subconscious

Book 5 in Series “Gameful Life”

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Turn Your No Into Yes

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Here is the original version of Turn Your No Into Yes, written and published on this website in 2016. An updated version is available on various online stores starting with September 2020. See above.

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Gameful Writing

Book 4 in Series “Gameful Life”

A Parable with Seven People, Seven Stories, Seven Lessons Learned

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Gameful Isolation

Book 3 in Series “Gameful Life”

Making the Best of a Crisis,
the Self-Gamification Way

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Gameful Healing:
Almost a Memoir; Not Quite a Parable

Book 2 in Series “Gameful Life”

This is a story about learning to navigate health conditions without judgment; making progress towards healing in small, incremental steps; and approaching those steps with a fun, gameful attitude.

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Gameful Project Management

Book 1 in Series “Gameful Life”

A practical guide to improving the flow of your projects
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The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How
of Turning Life into Fun Games

A Compressed Version
of the Self-Gamification Happiness Formula

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The Self-Gamification Happiness Formula:
How to Turn Your Life into Fun Games

Read the book and learn how to motivate yourself by practicing self-gamification — a unique self-help approach to implementing game design elements into your life.
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Available also as an audiobook!!!

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5 Minute Perseverance Game
1st Edition


“Great tool for overcoming procrastination!”
“Very good.”
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Cheerleading for Writers

“Every writer needs a coach and advocate like Victoria!”
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Business Books

Take Control of Your Business

“A book all entrepreneurs should read.”
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Atlas of S1000D Issues 4.1, 4.2, and 5.0

Business Rules Decision Points Arranged into a Linear Topic Map
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brDoc, BREX, and Co.: S1000D Business Rules Made Easier

“Like a really good discussion”
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S1000D® Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2 Navigation Map

“Vital publication for S1000D starters.”
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S1000D ebook cover JPGUnpublished: August 23, 2017
More details and reasons for unpublishing: click on the image or here.

Fiction Books


Nothing Is As It Seems
A Novelette

“A great book, couldn’t put it down.”
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Between Grace and Abyss:
A Short Story


What will happen when a hopeful person
meets a grieving one?
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“A deeply moving story,
very beautifully told.”
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German translation:

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Series “A Life Upside Down”

“Read it one sitting –
held my interest completely.”
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“Love & Espionage!
An engaging, thoughtful book!”
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