Formatting and Self-Publishing Services

Self-publishing books is an exciting process with a steep learning curve and many challenges along the way.

As an author and publisher of more than twenty books of various genres and styles, I can help you bring your writing projects to successful completion. I can either help you learn skills of formatting your project as e-book and paperback or overtake some of the tasks for you. I can also guide you through the self-publishing process.

Every book project is unique and can become an exciting adventure if you wish so. I can help you find out how.

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Coaching and consulting

Anything can be turned into fun games. These coaching and consulting services explicitly target how projects and activities — including project management — can be turned into productive, fun, and engaging games.

Types of coaching:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Consultancy for small teams and management
  • Crash course
  • E-Mail coaching

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