Actual Real-Life Role-Playing Games

Actual Real-Life Role-Playing Games:
A Gamefully Philosophical View on Life and How to Design and Play It

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A life gamer shares her philosophy of life and shows how easy it can be to live gamefully and joyfully.

You might not know it yet, but you and everyone on Earth are experimental philosophers; building our view on life, and the worlds inside and outside us. We experience, research, and discover these worlds, beginning in childhood and continuing to do so for as long as we live.

Philosophers have discussed life and games over many centuries, and in most cases, they have seen them as separate entities. In recent times, the benefit of games on our well-being and the prosperity of humanity has been highlighted, but these works still consider reality and games to be utterly different.

This book boldly claims, “Life is a game, and games are life.”

It explores the evidence for this statement and extends it to show that anything in life is not only a game but also an actual real-life role-playing game and, beyond that, a Choose Your Own Adventure.

The author of the book also presents three actual real-life role-playing games you can play where you are right now, regardless of the circumstances in your life and how you feel about them and yourself. These simple but unique games will help you return to the joyful path of experiencing life wholeheartedly.

As you read, you will become aware of the skill sets of a self-anthropologist, kaizen master, and self-motivational game designer, which merge into the synergy of a successful and happy life gamer.

Don’t wait any longer: Open this book, and start playing the role-playing game of life.