Between Grace and Abyss: A Short Story

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What will happen when a hopeful person meets a grieving one? 

When a woman who longs for a child meets a man who’s recently lost one (and worst of all, she reminds him of the killer), the emotions that are brought up threaten the demise of them both.

Maria is heading for the fertility clinic. Today is the day she’s been waiting for – when two embryos will be inserted and hopefully decide to implant themselves. It is a special day, filled with hope and anticipation – so she allows herself the luxury of ordering a taxi to get there.

But the driver of the taxi is Peter – a man who lost his child in a murder-suicide tragedy, and he doesn’t share Maria’s enthusiasm for the events ahead. Will Maria reach the clinic safely, or will she have to pay for the murder of Peter’s son?

Copyright © 2018 by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels