Optimist Writer offers CONTENT EDITING in the following areas:

  • S1000D Business Rules
  • Project Plans / Business Rules for various products/services
  • Academic articles and works (especially on electrical engineering, nanotechnology, and solid state physics)
  • Fiction and non-fiction for aspiring authors

As a delivery of this service, you will receive the edited document/manuscript with comments to its content and also a summary with concrete advice how to improve it.

A disclaimer:
I am not a lawyer. This service is for educational purposes only. It is based on the professional experience I gathered over the years in the respective areas. None of the advice and comments I will provide to you with the edits can take the place of legal advice from your attorney. I will make every effort to ensure that the content I provide is accurate and helpful. However, I will not be able to provide exhaustive information on the subjects of your document/manuscript. No liability is assumed for losses or damages due to the use of the information I will provide to you. You are responsible for your own choices, actions, and results. You should consult your attorney for your specific project questions and needs.

Please note: this service does not include a grammar check or proof-edit.

A note on academic pieces: please be sure to provide rules of the magazine or organization you submit your work to so that the comments I provide fit the corresponding rules.

To agree on the details for different assignments in frames of this service, please contact vib@optimistwriter.com