Gameful Blogging on

Standalone, Book 6, Gameful Life Series

Gameful Blogging on

Thirteen Levels in the Epic Adventure of a Top Writer and Super Creator on Medium

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Are you one of the majority of writers on that don’t make their living there, whose earnings are lower than their children’s pocket money? Are you doubting the worthiness of the time you spend blogging on Medium, even if at times you enjoy being there?

Then read Gameful Blogging on and explore the 13 levels of a fellow writer’s adventure, who sees the whole process as a fun game or even a game platform, and doesn’t plan to stop “playing” or “designing” her writing and publishing “games” on Medium. Learn how she creates and continually develops exciting game designs for herself that keep her going and creating.

While reading this book, you might recognize the lows you experience and the emotions like doubts and second-guessing. At the same time, you will be able to remove the drama and their seeming significance and instead start seeing them as fun challenges in your games, for which you have all the tools to master, avoid, or escape if you fall into one.

Learn how to gain the feeling of success now — as you type the words on the screen — rather than some distant future. Discover how you can stay motivated and driven; how you can encourage yourself in the process and get back up after falling into temporary despair; how to recognize what entices you to continue creating on Medium; how to devise your own reward system, and more.

But most of all, learn how you can see writing and publishing on Medium as a fun collection of games, of which you are both the designer (or at least co-designer) and player, and how to have fun doing what you love.