Nothing Is As It Seems: A Novelette

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Genre: Fiction, Women’s Contemporary

Keywords: women’s fiction, family saga, free e-book

Tagline: Is the past worth finding out if it turns everything you believed into a lie?

Short description:

Always careful and planning ahead, PhD in statistics under her belt, Elizabeth leaves her past in Germany and flies to London, the city she knows to be her birth place. Other than that and her English first name, Elizabeth knows nothing of her early childhood, before she and her Ukrainian father left for Germany.

With her father’s recent death, Elizabeth visits the place of her childhood, wanting to know more. What will she find out in the majestic house? Will she regret coming here, or is there some hope that the deeply entrenched melancholy in her heart could finally melt away?


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  • 5 stars at Barnes&Noble: “Very interesting and sensitive story.”
  • 4 stars on by Jason, “A great quick read!!”, June 22, 2017: “This is a really great quick read! Though short, I feel like I understood some of the past and how the characters ended up where they were. The more I read it, the more of an interest I gained in wanting to know more about what was happening and what could possibly happen. It is well paced and easy to follow. I even found myself getting quite emotional in a couple spots of it because she did a great job of making me feel connected to the characters and the situation. My only wish was that the ending may have given me just a tad bit more about what happened afterwards. But, to some that may be a good thing as it leaves the rest to the imagination and hoping that things turn out really well for the character. Can’t wait to read more of her work though!!”


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