S1000D services by Optimist Writer

S1000D® (International specification for technical publications using a common source data base) grew up from a standard used for production of technical documentation solely for military aircrafts to a standard applied to a large range of products. Today this range includes civil airplanes, ships, trains, buildings, software packages and many other.

Many companies, including a growing number of small ventures, are facing the requirement to produce the technical documentation of their products according to this specification.

The core concept and object created according S1000D is a data module.

If you look at a data module in a file system, you will see that it is an XML file with a long and sophisticated filename. But when you try to understand the meaning of each bit of information captured inside it and inside the filename, as well as how the data modules are compiled into various types of technical publications, and how these can be used, you will notice the immense multidimensionality and deepness of what can be expressed by the elements and attributes defined by S1000D.

For a company, a project, a team or an engineer new to S1000D (or to various parts of it), the document, which is longer than three and a half thousands pages, and its intricately structured information making you jump there and back in order to trace an explanation and meaning of a concept, will definitely seem overwhelming.

I would like to help you find your way within it: to the information you need and to the best suitable way for you to apply it.

I am offering two types of services in respect to S1000D.

  1. Conveying S1000D knowledge to you and your colleagues,
  2. Assisting you in creation of a step-by-step S1000D implementation strategy for your project or organization.

The Conveying S1000D Knowledge Coaching will take place per Skype, phone (and/or web), or in person (if you agree to travel to Aalborg, or to pay my travel expenses in order for me to come to your premises).

Development of the step-by-step S1000D implementation strategy will be based on the resource I am developing here on my site under the title S1000D Business Rules: Step-by-Step Guide. Even if its title implies Business Rules, it is essentially a very compressed implementation guide. I can help you develop a customized S1000D implementation strategic plan for your project or organization.

The price and the volume of both services will be calculated on hourly basis. The less hours you order the more brief the information I would be able to provide to you.

The first hour (preliminary conversation) will be free of charge, since we will use it to find out your requirements and the best possible way to satisfy them. A special highlight for Conveying S1000D Knowledge Coaching, is that I offer my preparation time also free of charge.

For each of the services you can choose as little as one hour. In such a case (i.e. one hour coaching/information generation), I will be able to do the following:

  • For (1), I can offer a very brief overview of S1000D, purposed to take away the initial feeling of overwhelming and recommend the steps in learning S1000D
  • For (2), I will delineate, which groups of Business Rules Decision Points you need to address based on your industry and the requirements you will communicate in the preliminary conversation.

Price per hour (for max 2 persons): 999 DKK / 129 EUR / 149 USD / 99 GBP.
(For any additional person, taking the Conveying S1000D Knowledge Coaching simultaneously with the others, the price increases with 99 DKK / 13 EUR / 15 USD / 10 GBP)

Advance after preliminary conversation: 299 DKK / 39 EUR / 44 USD / 29 GBP.

Thank you for reading this information. I am looking forward to our collaboration.

P.S. For further details and in order to book the preliminary conversation, please contact me at vib@optimistwriter.com .