Self-Gamification Book

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Self-Gamification Happiness Formula:
How to Turn Your Life into Fun Games

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Are you struggling to motivate yourself to start the day, to work on a project, or maintain a healthy habit? Do you think that happiness is hard-earned and reserved only for the ”chosen ones”?

This book will show you that happiness is close by and available to everyone. It will show you how to not take life too seriously and still be excellent in all you want or have to do.

Read the book and learn how to motivate yourself by practicing self-gamification — a unique self-help approach to implementing game design elements into your life.

Master three skill sets to be successful in your self-motivational game design, your projects, and your life:

  1. See yourself, the world around you, and your thought processes non-judgmentally, as an anthropologist would do.
  2. Identify your dreams and goals, and take action, one small and effortless step at a time, the kaizen way.
  3. Apply gamification, that is see and treat whatever you are up to as a game: design, play, and improve your (life) games, and learn to appreciate every step on the way by giving yourself points, badges, stars, and other small symbolic rewards.

Answering the questions and completing the various exercises in the book will allow you to practice the three skill sets of self-gamification as you go along.

Apply anthropology, kaizen, and gamification together to practice self-gamification, a unique approach that will help you turn happiness into a lifestyle.

Online course on Udemy:
Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life into Fun Games
Practice Self-Gamification, a Unique Self-Help Approach Uniting Anthropology, Kaizen, and Gamification

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