Self-Help and Self-Care Games

A 31 Day Reading Challenge to Understand The Types of Gameful Experiences These Represent and How to Design, Develop, and Play Them

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Self-Help and Self-Care Games helps boost your awareness of self-help and self-care through games. A fun, thirty-one day challenge introduces the foundational aspects of games and their design elements while showing how playing games can help us in our personal lives and wellness.

Self-help and self-care games coach and consultant Victoria Ichizli-Bartels emphasizes the importance of taking good care of themselves. But rather than simply adding to the often-confusing elements of traditional self-care, self-compassion, self-help, self-love, and self-support, she offers a new way to think about taking care of yourself: gaming and gamification.

Instead, Self-Help and Self-Care Games provides a month of reading challenges, games, to provide a unique approach to self-care. Through a series of thirty-one short articles of no more than 500 words, Ichizli-Bartels has created a gameful and enjoyable way of thinking about self-help. After completing the “game” at the end of the challenge, you will understand which gameful experiences self-help and self-care align with and how you can design, develop, and play them as the most fun and engaging games for yourself.

Looking after yourself does not need to be stressful or a chore. Take the challenge. Learn how to care for yourself and how to create your own games to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and overall mental health.