Self-Help and Self-Care Games

A 31 Day Reading Challenge to Understand The Types of Gameful Experiences These Represent and How to Design, Develop, and Play Them

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Boost your awareness about self-help and self-care by learning about games in general, specific games and their design elements in particular, and the parallels that can be drawn between them and our lives.

Most people are aware of the importance of taking good care of themselves. There is abundant information on self-care, self-compassion, self-help, self-love, self-support, and others offering various views on what these mean and how we should implement them.

The abundance of recipes also brings confusion about where to start and what to do. But most of all, it is a challenge to understand what self-help and self-care mean and how they function.

This little book, shaped as a fun 31 Day Reading Challenge (comprised of a 150-500 word, or 1-2 minute article per day), offers you a unique and gameful view on self-help and self-care. By the end of this book’s game, you will understand which gameful experiences self-help and self-care align with and how you can design, develop, and play them as the most fun and engaging games for yourself.

Don’t wait any longer: Open this book, and start playing your self-help and self-care awareness booster game.