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Play Daily a Game Called Life (For All)

Learn how:

  • To turn your work and personal projects, as well as project management into fun games.
  • Experiencing and detecting what is fun for you can help you make progress with any task, including those you think you don’t want to attend to but have to.
  • You can achieve your goals by making small steps and still be fully present, and on top of that have an exciting experience of playing a fun game.
  • To identify the size of the step to take for the project at hand, in any given circumstance.
  • To increase motivation and productivity by observing yourself non-judgmentally, designing your project and life games by taking the best care of yourself and others, and by making small, effortless steps.


Start and Finish That Book (For Writers)

Learn how to:

  • Start without questioning yourself.
  • Make progress on your project with (almost) no effort and independent of the time you have.
  • Use moments of “writer’s block” as an indication of the way forward.
  • Improve easily without striving for perfection.
  • Finish with a feeling of joy, rather than regret.


Publish Your Story (For Self-Publishers)

Learn how to:

  • Identify the best structure for your book.
  • Write your book (if not written yet). Note: this topic will only be briefly touched upon in this course since there is a separate detailed and comprehensive training course on how to successfully start and complete a book’s manuscript.
  • Identify the self-publishing platform that makes the most sense for your book project.
  • Identify and request help from people as required to publish your book (a friend to give feedback and provide a few edits, a family member to double-check the facts in your memoir, a professional editor to improve style and grammar, a professional cover designer, and so on).
  • Choose the simplest and most efficient (for you and your book) toolset for formatting and preparing your book for publication.
  • Structure and format your book. Test repeatedly throughout the process.
  • Publish your book.
  • Spread news of your memoir or autobiography with your family and friends, or on a book about your business with your customers.


Take Control of Your Decision Making (For Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Managers)

Learn how to:

  • Identify the lifecycle of your product or service.
  • Define the framework for your products and services, both for a particular project and organization-wide.
  • Use business rules (all decisions you make managed as a comprehensive system) to identify solutions for problematic areas in your projects and organization.
  • Manage the decisions you make efficiently and effectively.
  • Make sure that the decision-making approach you choose is promoting your business’s development and improvement, that it is neither too much nor too little.


This is a general course on business rules, and it is not connected to S1000D. For the S1000D business rules training course, see below.


S1000D Training Courses

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Introduction to Business Rules

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S1000D Business Rules

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S1000D Wayfinder

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