Turn Your No Into Yes

Published in this version in September 2020:

Turn Your No Into Yes:
15 Yes-Or-No Questions to Disentangle Your Project

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Are you stuck in a project that makes your heart sink when you think about it?

This concise guide will help you undo the tricky knot you’re in, and turn a possible ”No” into a resounding ”Yes” for the following questions.

Have you:

  1. Taken some time off?
  2. Created an elevator pitch?
  3. Identified what your customer wants?
  4. Identified what your customer needs?
  5. Compared what you can offer with their wants and needs?
  6. Estimated what you will need to invest (time, money, etc)?
  7. Considered your feelings about the outstanding tasks?
  8. Talked to your customer about possible changes?
  9. Created a checklist for your project?
  10. Left space to add more items or make changes?
  11. Shared the checklist with your customer?
  12. Devoted enough time to the tiniest details?
  13. Stopped to realize that your project brings value?
  14. Asked your customer what value the project provides?
  15. Considered what completing the project means to you?


Here is the original version of Turn Your No Into Yes, written and published on this website in 2016. An updated version is available on various online stores starting with September 2020. See above.

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