Become a Skilled S1000D Way-Finder (Live Online Course)

Short description:

This course gives a practical overview of S1000D and the information it provides. Learn about the traditional functional and the novel topic-map structures of S1000D information and how to use both to find answers to any related question in the most efficient way. Learn the contents of all resources provided by S1000D and how to navigate and use them in the best possible way for your project or organization. Become not a person who knows everything about S1000D (which is of course impossible), but someone who knows how to navigate S1000D-related information in the fastest and most efficient way.

Who should attend:

All project team members who work regularly with S1000D, and especially those who are appointed to be S1000D experts and trusted points of contact to both management and technical authors / designers.

Benefits of attending:

This course will help you understand the logic behind S1000D, the information it provides, various ways this information can be structured, and the information objects you get when downloading an Issue of the S1000D. You will learn how to navigate the Specification in the most efficient way and how to quickly find the answers you need.


Basic knowledge of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and XSD (XML Schema Definition).

Course Outline:

  • Get to know the components of the S1000D download packages, the scope of each of them and how to work with them when searching for answers on various questions.
  • Get to know various S1000D information objects – foremost data modules – and learn to recognize their components fast inside an XML document.
  • Learn the traditional (and useful) functional structure of S1000D text.
  • Get to know the novel linear topic map structure for the S1000D information and how you can adjust it for the most efficient use during S1000D implementation in your project and/or organization.
  • Learn how business rules provide a third level of validation for S1000D information objects, be it a data module, a publication module, or a data dispatch note; and learn how to recognize what dictates a certain value of an element or attribute: the Schema or a Business Rules Decision.
  • Learn how you can apply Business Rules Decision Points (BRDP) and their unique identifiers as keys to reach certain context and information inside the Specification text.


  • 3 Skype sessions; each 2 hours long; about 1 week in between sessions.

Maximum number of participants:

  • 3 persons.


  • for 1 person = DKK 1500 /  201 / $ 226 / £ 170
  • for 2 persons = DKK 2000 /  268 / $ 301 / £ 227
  • for 3 persons = DKK 2500 /  335 / $ 377 / £ 284.

Special bonus:


  • For setting the dates as well as further details of the course, please contact me at