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This is an online project where I will post the scenes and chapters of a book, as I write it. The book is “A President’s Sister”, book 2 in the series “A Life Upside Down”.
This project will be removed from this site as soon as the book will be published, since the published version will be a revised, edited and thus improved version of it.

Short description:
Hannah Victoria Ickin cannot call herself happy, after all that has happened recently. Discovering that her mother was an American spy; that she, Hannah, had two first names instead of just the one she had answered to her whole life; and of course her American citizenship in addition to her previous Soviet, now Moldovan identity. All of this had thrown her off guard, even if she had made peace with everyone involved. Or at least with those involved and close by.
But Hannah is at least satisfied. Partly because those who caused the biggest heartbreak in her life were far away. Hans, who had manipulated her, was in Germany, and Liam, whom she still couldn’t quite forget, was back in the United States. The distance was helping.
She could concentrate on her science and enjoy the state-of-the-art microscope she had collected from Germany.
Why then today, of all days, had her sister decided to tell of her ambition to candidate for presidency? And that their father would be supporting her. Had he forgotten that her sister was just over twenty? How could someone so young be a candidate for not one, but two presidencies at the same time? In Moldova and Romania? Had anyone ever done this before?
And why in the world would one of her uncles suggest that Liam (yes, that Liam!) should come to Moldova and keep an eye on her sister? Wasn’t the mess he’d been a part of in Germany, reason enough to find this a bad idea? Really bad?! Why should Hannah consent? Or help in any way?

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