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Contributing to Mekon’s Bitesize on Business Rules – 6: Read-Me Chapters for Business Rules Concept in S1000D® issue 4.2

When a new Issue of the S1000D® comes out, the first thing which is reported all over the community using it are the new features. Then, when one or another feature — for example, a new Schema — is of interest, the implementers open the chapters describing that feature and try to understand how it works.

And then, they often feel lost.

They start asking questions about basics of the given construct, meaning for some introduction to it. They are searching for the Read-Me information. Eventually, they find various interpretations of what this Read-Me information could be.

But interestingly enough, this Read-Me information is available in the Specification itself.
I remember how I once was asked to compile a list of benefits of implementing S1000D® and was surprised to find a comprehensive but concise information on these in Chap 1.1 “Purpose” and Chap 1.2 “Scope.”

The same is about business rules. There are several chapters under Chap 2 “Documentation Process,” which provide all the necessary introductory and Read-Me information for approaching the business rules development process.

In my sixth article to Mekon‘s Bitesize on Business Rules, I have outlined the Read-Me Chapters and also given an overview of the new Chap 2.5.2 inside Issue 4.2, which in my opinion provides a core of this Read-Me information for business rules. This information will surely be updated with time. But it is utterly valuable already now, even in such a very new shape. Already now, it can help you save nerves, time, and money when you implement the new business rules constructs and concepts.

Click here to find out more: Bitesize Business Rules: read-me chapters for Business Rules concept in S1000D® issue 4.2.

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