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Review of Gameful Habits in Ludogogy Magazine

I am thrilled to share with you the editorial review of my book Gameful Habits. This review was written and published by Sarah Le-Fevre in the online magazine Ludogogy.

It is a fantastic review because it distills the ideas behind the book brilliantly.

I am also grateful that Sarah highlighted my message that anyone can turn their lives and habits into fun games, also those who never thought of diving into game design or psychology. Games are a great source of inspiration, and they are present everywhere around us. When approached with awareness and incrementally, they can empower us immensely and boost our resourcefulness, productivity, motivation, drive, and experience of joy and fun without trying to force the outcome in any way.

I invite you to read the review and see what Gameful Habits is about. I will be happy to answer any questions about the book and the topics it covers.

Review of Gameful Habits


Turn Your Daily Practices into Fun Games — Gameful Habits Will Show You How


What habits can be turned into fun games?

Any project or activity, and any habit representing or comprising it, can be turned into fun games. The best candidates are those you procrastinate about but want to pursue. You can also turn the behaviors you want to avoid or do less often into fun games, by limiting the rewards you give yourself for them and increasing the rewards for activities you procrastinate over.


To find out more, read Gameful Habits: How to Turn Your Daily Practices into Fun Games (a standalone book and Book 7 in the “Gameful Life” series).

Here is the link to it on, where you can read the description and read the free sample:

And here is the link to the book’s page on my website, where you can find links to the book on other online stores as well:

See you on the book’s pages.

Join the Gameful Habits Launch Team


Habits are both visible and invisible threads, sometimes representing and always connecting the projects, activities, tasks, challenges, or anything else we want to master or tackle. — Gameful Habits


I will soon launch my book called Gameful Habits: How to Turn Your Daily Practices into Fun Games.

Since habits are always present in our lives and (often) minds, I decided to do the following. I invite you to participate actively in the launch of this book. It will be a standalone book in a collection (series) of books I call “Gameful Life.”

You will get:

  • A review (i.e., free) copy of the book in e-format of your choice (you can choose between epub, mobi, or pdf) as soon as the book is published or even a little earlier (as soon as I submit it to the online shops).

I’ll need your help with (depending on your preference, one or both of) the following:

  • Spread the word about the book on social media and/or other places (e.g., your blog or per e-mail) by using the marketing materials (visuals and quotes) I will prepare and share with you. You can also post thoughts of your own.
  • An honest review of the book on Amazon, other online stores online, and/or Goodreads.

Join now:

The book will be published within the coming two, three weeks. I will self-publish it without using a pre-order scheme. So, it will be available as soon as the retailers verify it and make it available for purchase.

Since the publishing date is only two, three, or maybe even less than two weeks away (I only need to make one more read-through), there might be only two handfuls of days (or even less) to join the team. Therefore, don’t wait, join, and learn how to have fun while turning habits into fun games.

Here is the description of the book:

Description of the Gameful Habits

Turn your daily practices into fun and exciting games.

Many people struggle to motivate themselves to start the day, work on a project, or maintain a healthy or otherwise beneficial habit. They consider many of their daily routines to be a necessary chore that they will never enjoy.

The pioneer of Self-Gamification — a unique approach to turning life into fun games — Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, has discovered another way for herself, and offers this possibility to others by sharing her experiences.

In this unconventional book on habits, Victoria shares the Super Sleeper game she created to ensure she got enough sleep, and how this success was extrapolated to the other habits and daily practices she wanted to develop.

Read Gameful Habits, and you will learn the three skill sets required to succeed in your self-motivational games, i.e. any habits, projects, challenges, tasks, or other activities turned into fun games. These skill sets are:

  1. Seeing yourself, the world around you, and your thought processes non-judgmentally, as an anthropologist would do;
  2. Identifying your dreams and goals, and taking action, one small and effortless step at a time, the kaizen way;
  3. Applying gamification; that is, seeing and treating whatever you are up to like a game, and learning to appreciate every step on the way with gameful rewards.

These skill sets, which you can easily put into practice immediately — along with the awareness that when you turn your life into fun games, you are both the player and the designer of these games — will help you turn happiness into a lifestyle, and health and other beneficial practices into exciting games that you can’t wait to design, play, and continue developing.

Join here:

To join, please send me an e-mail to using the Subject line: “I want to join the Gameful Habits Launch Team” and let me know which e-mail address I should add to the team’s mailing list. Please note that I will also add your e-mail address to my general mailing list (Optimist Writer mailing list). You can unsubscribe from either or both at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,


One Minute Read from the Gameful Blogging on


Here is another blog post in a series featuring videos on YouTube, where I read from one of my motivational books for one minute.

In this video, I read from my new book Gameful Blogging on Thirteen Levels in the Epic Adventure of a Top Writer and Super Creator on Medium (Book 6 in the “Gameful Life” series).

I am reading the first section of the chapter “Level 11. Being Clear about the Goals.”

Here it is if you want to read along, prior, or afterward.


Excerpt from the Gameful Blogging on

What happened before

The previous article (chapter) I wrote about turning writing and publishing on Medium into fun games was about enjoying the breaks in publishing there, such as during the holiday season. I referred to those breaks as cooldown phases, well-known in sports and games.

In that story, I recommended not worrying if you notice yourself watching your stats and earnings. In fact, I even mentioned that it might be fun and enlightening, especially during a cooldown phase.

But at the end of the article, I also recommended looking less at the stats and earnings during an active phase, that is, while writing and publishing on Medium.

There is another important aspect to the stats and earnings:

If you connect your goals to the numbers in your stats and Medium Partner Program earnings, you will not really be turning your time on Medium into fun games. Instead, you will be chasing a fantasy, a Fata Morgana.

Here is why.


The next step

If you want to find out more about gaining the feeling of success and fun while blogging on Medium and also how to persevere writing and publishing on Medium in fun and gameful ways, then I invite you to read Gameful Blogging on To look at the book and buy it on Amazon, click on its title above or this image below:

If you want to see where else you can buy it, then go to the book’s page on this website here.

I wish you a beautiful and gameful day!

Celebrating Gameful Blogging on

3D image and cover design by Alice Jago


This week I am celebrating the launch of my new book Gameful Blogging on

One article that served as the last chapter in the book was celebratory as well. It was article number 200 I published on Medium since starting writing and publishing there on April 30, 2020.

You can read it here (it is a free link, meaning that you don’t have to be a Medium subscriber to be able to read it):

To read the book as the whole in a polished and revised shape, as well as to get access to all the original articles on which the book is based, check out on Amazon under Gameful Blogging on Thirteen Levels in the Epic Adventure of a Top Writer and Super Creator on Medium.

If you want to see where else you can find and buy it, check out this page here.