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Give yourself points for looking out of the window

When I share self-gamification with others, I sometimes meet with the concern of being too ambitious and working too much to earn more points. But here is the beauty of self-gamification. You are both the designer and the player. So you observe your player (yourself) non-judgmentally and create the best game for yourself. In that way, you could give yourself points for relaxing and looking out of the window.

For example, in my current game design, which I call “The Balance Game,” every 10 minutes gets me a point. That corresponds to 6 points for each hour and 144 points for every 24 hours. I record each batch of these points in different “fields/activity areas” of my day. These are:

  1. creative projects (writing, online courses, and my website),
  2. all the other things I do on computer and smartphone (consulting and other work (except those listed in (1)), home-banking, social media, e-mails, etc.),
  3. anything I do away from my computer,
  4. sleep.

So, on working days I give myself a star if I earn more than ten points (corresponding to about 1,5 hours) in the area (1) and (2), and on the weekends I give myself in each of these a star if I earn LESS than ten points in those areas.

So, in each day I make 144 points and maximum five stars. One for each area and one extra star if I get all the four stars that day. My ambition to get all four stars (and then the fifth as well) helps me to be away from my computer and smartphone (as well as my work) for most of the weekend. I must tell you that it is utterly recharging.

I get the stars in areas (3) and (4) for attending enough to my health (including the daily workout) and enough sleep correspondingly.

It’s fantastic to be aware, that if at some point this self-motivational game design will stop being balanced for me, then I will redesign it. It is such a brilliant way of life to be both the designer and the player. I am immensely grateful to those who created and shared the approaches I bring together in self-gamification.

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Being of Value

One of my works-in-progress now is the book on self-gamification. The second principal component of self-gamification after awareness is making small, effortless steps forward in whatever you do. I am working on the chapters about kaizen and quoting Robert Maurer, and his brilliant book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way many times. While diving into the book again today, I found this quote by Albert Einstein there and realized that the people who developed the three approaches I bring together in self-gamification often speak of being of service instead of striving for success. I remember how as a beginning writer or entrepreneur I was wondering whether I would have success. Today I realize that success is a bonus, a by-product and maybe a little (but not always) an indicator of being of value. Do you agree?

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I must say my 4-year-old daughter is right: pink is a great color. ?? It looks so cheerful on the two ballpoint pens I use right now and in my two (to-do-list and feedback) game-books.

P.S. If you are curious what all these stars in the picture are about, then stay tuned and watch out for posts on self-gamification. I am writing a book, where I will share my current (and all the other I tried so far) self-motivational game design.

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Back in 5 Minutes

A couple of years ago I was buying flowers for my sister, as I saw this plaque. I tried to keep my laughter quiet but ended up with tears welling up in my eyes. I had to buy it on the spot. Recently I discovered a quote by dear friends and two of my favorite authors, which resonates with the poignancy of this quirky plaque,

“At times you will live in the moment. Other times you will repeat old behaviors from the past. Expect it and don’t judge it!” — Ariel and Shya Kane.

These compassionate and uplifting words are worth sharing again and again. I made sure to include these words in the book I am writing right now on self-gamification. I expect myself sharing them on many occasions in the future. This beautiful and fun recognition is simply a gift.

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