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The Truth About Family in 3D

“What age were you when you got to the first orphanage? You said you were at two different ones, correct?”

“Yes, and I don’t really know. The first pictures I have are from 1953, I think. Yes, here.” I shuffled through the photographs spread on the table and picked up the ones I meant and showed them to Vanea. “They were taken in Volontirovka. And by the time they were taken, I think I had been there quite a while already.”

“Yes. I saw them.” Vanea took the pictures from me.

He looked through them and stopped at one with seven schoolchildren, our teacher and her toddler son sitting in front of us. The little Mitica sat on his wooden horse with a proud look. The picture was taken when I was in the fourth grade. Elizaveta Deomidovna and Mitica were the only ones wearing shoes in the picture. I’d never noticed this before. Our teacher and I both had a book in our hands. Hers lay open on her lap, while mine was positioned with the cover facing the photographer. But the title was not legible. I tried to recall what I had liked to read back then.

Vanea’s thoughts went in the same direction. “Do you remember the book you were holding here?”

“No, but what I do remember is that I had a book with me almost everywhere I went.” I decided to guess. “Maybe it was something by Alexei Tolstoy. I liked him so much back then, that I adopted his birth date as mine.”

Vanea’s eyes opened wide, but in the next moment this gave way to a nod. “I’ve read The Hyperboloid at least a hundred times. So I fully understand your choice.” Another approving nod. “I just never realized that a birth date could be chosen.”

After another moment of thought, Vanea went on shuffling through the pictures. He stopped at another photograph and turned to look at the back of it. It was a picture of me, and as I started to recall the events connected to it, I had to hold my breath. I should have taken this picture out before giving the envelope to Vanea.


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S1000D Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2 Navigation Map in 3D and its Update

I am thrilled that in the S1000D consulting projects I worked in the past two years since publishing S1000D Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2 Navigation Map: 552+87 and 427+90 Business Rules Decision Points Arranged into two Linear Topic Maps to Facilitate Learning, Understanding, and Implementation of S1000D®, I got to use it quite a lot and test it (as well as its predecessor before it). It proved to be very helpful and accelerate the generation of the projects’ business rules as well as the implementation of this international specification. I am very grateful and proud of that fact.

Since working on the book, I have noticed a few minor changes that needed to be done. I made them recently especially because I started working on the new resource for S1000D, which as of now will feature five different Issues of the Specification and will serve, as I hope, as a universal implementation map for the S1000D users.

Here is the summary of changes for both e-book and paperback of the S1000D Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2 Navigation Map as well as the Excel sheets available here:

  • The number of BRDP in the subtitle of the book for Issue 4.2 was corrected from 429 to 427. That led to unpublishing of the older paperback and publication of the new. So it has now a new ISBN. Thus, if you recommend the book to someone, please don’t give them the old ISBN but instead the title and they will be able to find it on any big online retailer. Here is the link to the book’s page just in case if you like to share it. The links to the online stores there are up-to-date.
  • Correction in formatting (e.g., missing captions added, and those that weren’t made bold)
  • Some relations between Issue 4.1 and 4.2 had minor errors, which were corrected.
  • And here is the most significant modification and the only one of this size: BRDP-S1-00301 and BRDP-S1-00303 were erroneously in Topic 43 for Issue 4.1 and Topic 42 for Issue 4.2. Now they have been moved into the front matter Topic 73 for Issue 4.1 and Topic 71 for Issue 4.2.

If you know someone, who works with S1000D and who also purchased the S1000D Issue 4.1 and Issue 4.2 Navigation Map, please share this information with them. Thank you in advance!

If you or your colleagues have questions on this, feel free to contact me at

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Nothing Is As It Seems in 3D


“Alice, Alice!” The girl almost tripped on the stairs as she tried to take two at once.

The young woman, who had smiled at Elizabeth earlier this morning from one of the house’s windows, ran out with her arms wide open. She caught the girl in a tight hug. Then she released her and held the girl at arm’s length.

Elizabeth couldn’t make out what Alice, as it appeared was the young woman’s name, said to the girl. But she could hear the girl’s clear bell-like voice. “It’s over, it’s over! I don’t have to go there anymore. And I can go back home!” The girl’s voice suddenly changed, still loud, but without the initial merriness in it. “I can leave now.”

The girl stopped and looked back at the woman, who must have driven her to this house.
The girl had tears in her eyes. “Mummy, I don’t want to leave.” She said these words quietly, but Elizabeth could lip-read them.


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brDoc, BREX, and Co.: S1000D Business Rules Made Easier in 3D

I am thrilled that even after starting my own business I still can contribute to the amazing S1000D community. What we do there might sound “nerdy,” but it is utter fun and useful.
S1000D is the international specification for technical publications using a specific concept of a common source database for the production, maintenance, exchange, and use of the technical data presented in the form of technical publications in the formats requested by the customers.

The little book shown on the picture gives a simple introduction to S1000D business rules, which are no other than “game rules” in the S1000D project and programs. The process to define these rules might seem daunting because there are about 500 and often more decision points where you need to set up specific rules, which might change throughout the project’s and product’ life, you are working on and helping to create. In this little book, you can learn what business rules are and why they are vital. You can also find out which of the chapters in the S1000D extensive document (over 3500 pages in its latest official Issue, Issue 4.2) is a must-read before starting to define your project and your organization’s business rules.

I recently started to work on the next S1000D book, and I am thrilled about that because I can both research how the S1000D implementation can be made more efficient and effective and also give back my gratitude in the form of valuable information to this fantastic community.

If you would like to find out more about the book, click on the picture above or here.

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Enjoy the books you read and use to help you on your way!

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