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Between Grace and Abyss in 3D

‘He glanced in the rearview mirror at his passenger. “Excuse me, are you in hurry?” He waited until the woman looked up and he caught her gaze in the mirror. “Do you mind if I stop for a moment?” He paused, then added, “I mean…I got a message from a close friend. I haven’t heard from her in quite a while.”

He lingered after hearing himself saying that. Yes, she was his closest friend, although still a stranger of whom he only knew her and her husband’s initials — not knowing which belonged to whom — and their last name, engraved on a small plaque on their door. Yet she saw, understood and forgave him something he couldn’t understand or forgive himself.’

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5 Minute Perseverance Game in 3D

“Like any game, this one has rules too. But as with other games, you decide what you do during your move.

“The goal is to persevere for 5 minutes a day, for as many days within the given round — which can run for a month for example — as possible.

“But what about your procrastination? You don’t have to fight it anymore. At least not in a serious way. All you have to do is play a game with it. You and your procrastination are playing this game together. At the end of each round you will find out which of you has won and what the score is.” 

5 Minute Perseverance Game

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