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Special offer: Kindle countdown deal for “The Truth About Family” and “A Spy’s Daughter”

I’m learning currently a lot about book (and business) marketing and promotions.

The best way to learn this is, of course, by doing.

The most attractive way for the customers is (also of course) by reducing a price.

This is what I am doing for two of my books starting with February 10 and finishing on February 17, 2016.

E-book format of “The Truth About Family” and “A Spy’s Daughter” will be offered for $ 0.99 during this time.

This means that during this period of time you can get each of my books for $ 0.99 at, or all for $ 2.97, which a slightly less than the regular price for either “The Truth About Family” or “A Spy’s Daughter” ($ 2.99).

So, if you like reading books in e-book format, get the books and tell your friends about this deal. Don’t forget that this offer ends on February 17.

The images of the book covers will reveal to you the links to the books on



front cover - seven broken pieces