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A Spy’s Daughter in 3D

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lines gradually moved from grocery stores to embassies.

The first time she had to stay in this line was when Hannah applied for a German visa. It was three months ago. It was before the day her life changed. It was before yesterday.”

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When struggling with self-edits

I am revising my latest work-in-progress right now, and I found myself struggling with incorporating the changes I made on paper into the project on my computer. There are so many changes to make! They’re not more or less than for the previous eleven books I published. I guess my struggle fits the general perception of edits. So, I decided to look for a quote in one of my books that would help me.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter “E – Editing” from my book Cheerleading for Writers.”It is for all writers who are either self-editing or looking through their manuscript edited by others:

“Welcome the edits, thank those who proposed them, and, again, look at all this as a big, fun game. It is a game, and the more you practice it, the better you will become. So, let’s practice. I’ll do it along with you.”

So now, I will try now to welcome my own edits. ?

I wish you fun with your writing and other project games. ??

P.S. If you want to check out this or other of my books, then click here.


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Seven Broken Pieces (a prequel to a series) in 3D

‘“I’m sorry.” Sasha loosened her grip on Ion’s arm. “I’m so sorry I pulled you into all this without giving you a choice. I hope—”

Ion’s grip on the umbrella tightened. “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to run away.”

Sasha swallowed hard. Run away. That was exactly what her parents said she was doing. Did Ion think this, too? She looked at him and waited. Please, don’t be angry with me, she thought, not quite knowing how it would be when Ion was angry.

They didn’t speak for at least twenty minutes, because as Sasha looked up from the plastered way to see where they were, she realized that they reached the Pushkin Park and were walking along the alley of classics, with busts of Eminescu, Creangu and other long gone but immortal singers of this tiny piece of land.

At that moment, Sasha realized that she not only fell in love with Ion, but also with Moldova. It became her home. “I will come back. And I will stay.”’

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Take Control of Your Business in 3D

The amazing editor and cover designer for my books, Alice Jago (@shorelinesdesigns), has created fantastic 3D images for all of my books (including those available for sale and the one I am finishing right now ?). I want to share these images one-by-one with you and include a quote from each of the books.

Here is a quote from Take Control of Your Business:

“Understanding the concept of business rules is vital for the efficiency of your business. It allows you to bring all the decisions made throughout the life span of your product or service, including all decisions about processes, into one consistent knowledge base. The key is to start recording all decisions as early as possible — even as soon as the idea of your product or service first appears — and keep track of them in a consistent manner.”

For the full list of my books go to Books.

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