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Trial and error

Unpacking into a new home can be quite revealing. Seconds after I think a cupboard or a case is readily filled in and in order I find more things to put into it and things to be sorted out. No end of possibilities to change the arrangements, although my brain tries to find the final arrangement for all times.

The quotes below made me smile and reminded that experimenting is definitely worth it and never wrong.

From blog post by Elizabeth Gilbert on September 25, 2014 (said by her mother and quoted by Liz in her blog) :
“You can only make the best choice possible, based on what you know RIGHT NOW. Later, you may know more. Then you may be tempted to judge yourself harshly for the decision you made today. But decide right now to forgive yourself in advance for what you did not know — and could not know — today. So make your decision, and move on.”

From “Don’t Squat With Yer Spurs On! A Cowboy’s Guide To Life” by Texas Bix Bender, p. 29
“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”

Pictures: (1) Trial and error can be so sweet. One of the Emma’s first attempts to turn from her back to belly ended up with her being rolled up into a Niklas’s old play blanket. (2) One of the first arrangements on my new desk. I am curious to see how it will evolve with time. I suspect only one constant. A coffee cup will always be present.



Post number 102 – Now what?

Two years ago I had this idea to write a novel based on the first 101 posts.

I also suggested that I might write a “sane” novel in-between.

Now, my first novel is published. It is sane to some extent and risky as I was told in respect to the chosen topic.

I must admit that I started thinking about this crazy 101 idea long before I wrote 50 blog posts and published my first novel. The attempt to connect various blog posts into a novel led me gradually to the idea for the second book I am writing currently, which will be actually a series. I will post a short description of the first book in the series soon.

But the most important lesson I learned that you can’t bend a story without making it stale and unnaturally sounding. It simply has to flow in its own pace and direction. So, I might not use all 101 first posts for my second work in progress. But I do use details from various blog-posts, from my memories and imaginations and put them together as mosaic.

Do I have plans, dreams where I want to see myself after the next 101 posts? I do. To publish more books. I guess this wish will stay for quite some time, also after the third, the fourth, and further times 101 posts in a row.

Picture: This is how the kitchen in our new house looks like. The bar in the middle was my personal wish and I am sure, I will write many a page at it with a cup of Espresso by the side of my computer.


Faults, wrinkles and limits: four quotes showing these in a different light

Moving houses means also going through great amounts of things one gathered over the years. One of my favourite treasures I found while packing our home are multiple tiny, medium and big notebooks full of notes and quotes.

Many of the quotes, I captured and saved, made me laugh as I rediscovered them. Especially those from inspirational and mood-uplifting calendars and books, often by an unknown author. Here are four of these in German and Danish with my interpretation in English:

“Ich habe keine Macken, das sind special Effects.”
Interpretation: “I have no faults. These are special effects.”

“Wenn du morgens zerknitter aufwachst, kannst du dich tagsüber wunderbar entfalten!”
Interpretation: When you wake up all in a bad and wrinkled-crinkled mood, you have a great possibility to unfold during the day.”

“Alles sagten: ‘Das geht nicht’. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat’s einfach gemacht.”
Interpreation: All said, ‘This won’t work’. Then someone came who didn’t know this and simply did it.”

“Ham, der ved alt … har em masse at lære.”
Interpretation: “The one who knows everything, has a lot to learn.”

Picture: When flowers unfold, they bloom.

P.S. Wishing all readers of this post a happily unfolding day full of discoveries, re-discoveries and light-bulb moments.


Learning persistence from my infant daughter

One of my all time favourite quotes is by Richard Bach:

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.”

My little Emma is the perfect example of persistence. She tries every day to stand up and run. Right after her brother Niklas. At the beginning she could hardly raise her head from her bed or rocking chair. Now, mere five months old, she is almost jumping off her chair. I am sure that in a few months time she will be crawling behind Niklas. 🙂

Pictures: (1 and 2) my persistent baby attempting a jump off her chair and not understanding why it does not work and (3) managing to the other end of her bed to reach for toys, and all this by constant practicing.

IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0320