When I hit 101

I had a crazy idea today, an idea about writing a novel. You might say: “This is not that crazy. Almost everyone wants to write a novel!” Right! But what is it that makes a person to want to write a novel? I guess there might be plenty possibilities for this. In my case it’s mostly curiosity how a bigger piece of fiction is created and comes to life.

My thought today was crazy because I want to bind the posts in my blog into a novel. And the number 100 seems to be so attractive. So I thought: “What if I bind my first 100 blogs into a novel?” Of course, the first post introducing the blog could be omitted. But then, as for other posts, I could use parts of it in this crazy novel of mine. And then I remembered a sweet family story about the number 101.

One of my grand-parents-in-law lived until 97. He was very optimistic about age and his goal was to live until 101, a year longer than what was according to him the goal of the old pope John-Paul II. My grandpa-in-law Max was a quirky little man with an incredible history of the Second World War and hard life behind him but an absolutely childish pleasure in enjoying life at whatever age.

So, when I hit my 101,- and before you ask, I mean posts in this blog, not years; I don’t want to make you wait so long -, I will start thinking of a plot and characters and I will use for this something from each of my very first 101 posts in this blog.

This idea is so exciting and so crazy that it makes me wish to play a trick on myself and create all kinds of funny, strange, melancholic, inspiring, nonsense, nutty, hilarious, outrageous posts and whatever comes to my mind. I don’t exclude writing a “sane” novel in between.

But this 101 idea is just so crazily great! You and I might forget about it when the 101st post is there in the world. But I am sure that this “lamp” will light up at some point of time and make you and me laugh out loud and swear (me, about having such an idea in the first place!) and smile and be happy about the ways the human mind takes us.