Contributing to Mekon’s Bitesize on Business Rules – 4: Take Care of Small Things and the Big Things will Take Care of Themselves


With over 500 Business Rules Decision Points to address, defining S1000D Business Rules can become overwhelming. And with usually tight deadlines, the whole process will become even more stressful.

In the fourth article in the Mekon‘s Bitesize series on Business Rules I share one of the biggest lessons I learned in frames of various S1000D implementation projects.

This lesson is an old and well-known wisdom but it is often forgotten because there is a general urge to get over with a task, especially the task of defining Business Rules. In general understanding, it is “just” a part of “just” planning technical publications, which are “only” an accessory to a larger product.

Fortunately, the latest tendency to treat and call the information produced in conformance with S1000D as technical data brings it to a new level, where it is treated as a product on its own.

Following the advice in this article has the ability to make the load of the large task of defining Business Rules much more manageable and even enjoyable.


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