In the shadow

I discovered the following quote this week:

“Das Glück is wie die Sonne.
Ein wenig Schatten muss sein,
wenn es dem Menschen wohl werden will.“    
Otto Ludwig


„Happiness is like the sun.
There must be some shadow,
so that we feel well in our skins.“     Otto Ludwig

I caught myself coming back again and again to this thought. It felt so wonderful to realize that those seeming setbacks from a line of euphoria about the glory of life are not bad at all. They are in fact necessary. In order to take a deep breath, to take a break and realize the beauty of life.

Today, I made a little experiment. My parents-in-law came to spend several days with us. Being a true extrovert, I like telling stories, drawing attention to myself. I did this a few times today. I wanted to share what I thought was interesting. But then, when I became aware of this, I “stepped back” and let everything unfold in front of me. It was so wonderful to listen to my parents-in-law and let them tell us about their vacation so far, about their way to our home, to see how they talked and played with Niklas, to remember many wonderful moments we spent on various occasions together.

Now I realize better, why I like the rain and being in the shadow. When I pictured myself on a hot day, I understood that I most enjoy the sun when I sit in the shadow, not when I stand in the glowing sun.

Let all your shadows bring you satisfaction, wonderful perspective on the happy moments and peace of mind.

Picture: taken in the park near us on a rainy day.

2014-08-09 12.53.17