My Qualifications to Teach Self-Gamification

The fact that I am defining Self-Gamification for the first time is not quite the reason why I qualify to teach it.

In the video below, you will hear that I have no gamification or game-design background. But that fact is the actual advantage. Because if I can turn my life into fun games without studying gamification or psychology in detail, so can you. I think, my primary qualification to teach Motivation Yourself by Turning Your Life Into Fun Games is that I have an enormous fun turning my life into games and never want to stop. Apart from that, I and those who use self-gamification approach, find ourselves less and less procrastinating on various tasks and instead, finding ways to turn whatever we up to into fun and captivating activities.

Honing the three skill sets outlined in this course will help you to have all the necessary tools at your disposal to stay motivated, have fun with whatever you are up to and be successful in what you do. You will have still the so-called “set-backs,” but you will discover that they will become shorter and shorter with time. Before I started turning my life into games, I used to procrastinate things I wanted or needed to do for weeks, even for months or even years. Today, the longest periods I procrastinate something are a couple of days.

All it takes to stay motivated and engaged it is to be aware, to make small steps, and appreciate each of these steps. Self-gamification can help you with that.

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