Relativity of the impossible

Ambitions and agendas drive us forward, make us motivated and are necessary for the progress. In our hurried times our agendas become overcrowded, overloaded and over the top. We even create agendas for agendas. And then we moan about not being able to relax or don’t have the time for free time. At least the voice of my internal radio plays this moaning “song” regularly.

A judging “song” follows.

And you know what I discover again and again? It’s all natural! Even my sweet little daughter Emma has agendas and as soon as she gets what she wants (for example Mama’s scarf) she disregards this very thing she wanted a second ago and wants the next thing (Mama’s locket on a chain, which Mama forgot to take off).

And then there is a “song” about impossibility and hardship of life. The life does appear hard, and quite often. Even when the dreams come true. The wonderful thing is to realize that the “life-is-hard” is just an angle we see it. At another angle it can appear completely differently.

So let’s experiment and find angles at which life is simply fun.

Picture: Who said, it’s impossible to wear many hats at the same time? My son Niklas proves the opposite.


Question: Do you remember the last time you were in rage or on the verge of tears and then in the next moment laughing (maybe through tears) and wanting to dance (or jump, or similar)? Who or what helped you to switch your life from impossible to wonderful?