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When struggling with self-edits

I am revising my latest work-in-progress right now, and I found myself struggling with incorporating the changes I made on paper into the project on my computer. There are so many changes to make! They’re not more or less than for the previous eleven books I published. I guess my struggle fits the general perception of edits. So, I decided to look for a quote in one of my books that would help me.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter “E – Editing” from my book Cheerleading for Writers.”It is for all writers who are either self-editing or looking through their manuscript edited by others:

“Welcome the edits, thank those who proposed them, and, again, look at all this as a big, fun game. It is a game, and the more you practice it, the better you will become. So, let’s practice. I’ll do it along with you.”

So now, I will try now to welcome my own edits. 😊

I wish you fun with your writing and other project games. 📖🎮

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