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brDoc, BREX, and Co.: S1000D Business Rules Made Easier in 3D

I am thrilled that even after starting my own business I still can contribute to the amazing S1000D community. What we do there might sound “nerdy,” but it is utter fun and useful.
S1000D is the international specification for technical publications using a specific concept of a common source database for the production, maintenance, exchange, and use of the technical data presented in the form of technical publications in the formats requested by the customers.

The little book shown on the picture gives a simple introduction to S1000D business rules, which are no other than “game rules” in the S1000D project and programs. The process to define these rules might seem daunting because there are about 500 and often more decision points where you need to set up specific rules, which might change throughout the project’s and product’ life, you are working on and helping to create. In this little book, you can learn what business rules are and why they are vital. You can also find out which of the chapters in the S1000D extensive document (over 3500 pages in its latest official Issue, Issue 4.2) is a must-read before starting to define your project and your organization’s business rules.

I recently started to work on the next S1000D book, and I am thrilled about that because I can both research how the S1000D implementation can be made more efficient and effective and also give back my gratitude in the form of valuable information to this fantastic community.

If you would like to find out more about the book, click on the picture above or here.

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Enjoy the books you read and use to help you on your way!

#s1000d #businessrules #decisionpoint #decisionpoints #implementation #OptimistWriter