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What Approaching Fear Gamefully Means


The combination of awareness (that is, non-judgmental seeing), kaizen, and gamification, which make up Self-Gamification, can help us to master fear in a light and enjoyable way — in a gameful way.

A quick reminder. This gameful way doesn’t mean that you need to be in denial and overly cheerful.

We’ve all got upset or even angry at least once in our lives if we didn’t win a game or didn’t reach a level we wanted, or bumped into a wall in a car racing game. The difference between real-life projects and games is that, in games, we don’t stay upset for too long. If we observe that we are, then we stop playing the game. To continue playing, we need to put the upset aside and focus our attention on the next move in the game. Or on another game. In a real-life situation, we can do the same: acknowledge the upset and move on.

Gameful Isolation: Making the Best of a Crisis, the Self-Gamification Way