To … or not to …?

“Can you imagine that a few meters away from where you are now, the following words have been written: ‘To be or not to be?’?”

I have heard these question on a sightseeing tour in London close to the Shakespeare’s globe.

A day later, I wondered: “Would Hamlet put this famous question if he would practice transformation or any other technique that helps living in the current moment, living a fulfilled life?” The answer came pretty fast: “He wouldn’t.” He would just know where he was and what he should do without blaming anyone in his misery.

I was smiling when I had these thoughts. The fact that I heard this question, that I have been to Cambridge and London this year is due to the fact that I followed one of my dreams. I wanted to go to Cambridge, I wanted to visit the transformational seminar with Ariel and Shya Kane there, I wanted to take my son and my mother-in-law (to spend time with us and to take care of Niklas, while I would be at the seminar) with me, and I wanted to see again my wonderful friends Ian and Mildred after a long time. All these wishes didn’t come simultaneously, but some of them did and the others appeared as soon as the first became clear.

I did have thoughts like “This is too crazy! This will cost too much money. I will have to organize and take the responsibility for the whole trip all by myself. I can’t possibly do it!” But the wish was there and as soon as I expressed it out loud to my husband, to my family and friends, I got support. “Go for it! How wonderful!” were the answers. And from my wonderful friend and mother-in-law: “I am in!”

Today is the first day after we are back from this breathtaking trip. And I will always remember it as a multidimensional dream that came true, and in which I was the driving force to make it true.

So the answer to the question in the title is very simple and obvious: If you really want it, then you really should do, whatever you are up to.

My next and current dream is to write as much as I can and this post a small realization of it.

Wishing all wonderful moments of making dreams come true, however small, big, seemingly insignificant or momentous they are! If you really want them, then they are important.

Pictures: As soon as I looked at the London’s map, I knew that I wanted to see two things: Big Ben and Baker Street. And these two wishes also became true. And then there was the sweetest baker at the pizzeria on Baker Street, where we had wonderful dinner.

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