True wealth

“Wahrer Reichtum besteht nicht im Besitz, sondern im Genießen.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson

„True wealth is not measured by what we possess, but by our ability to enjoy.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Mom loves telling the following story. When my sister and I were small, she used to worry whether we as a family had enough resources to live, or enough money to live a satisfactory life. My father’s answer to this was to nod in my sister’s and my direction, and say: “They are our wealth! What else do we need?”

I agree that children are the true treasure and that pleasure and fun are the best indicators of wealth.

It is quite funny that I discovered the above quote this week, when the episode “The Art of Being Wealthy” of my favourite radio show hosted by Ariel and Shya Kane is aired. If you are interested, tune in on coming Wednesday or listen to it in archives starting with the following day. You can find the link connecting to this the episode by clicking the title of the episode above.

Picture: I used to think that my home is not very elegant and a bit cluttered. Today, I still see what can be changed and done differently, which I do bit by bit in many moves of creative inspiration. At the same time I enjoy it more often than before. Today, I agree with many of our guests, who say that it is cute and cosy. Here is one of its characters, which make it sweet and cosy: my son’s big Teddy borrowing Niklas’ hat.