A lovely day

Today was one of those days full of “all those little matters on which the daily happiness of private life depends” (A quote from “Emma” by Jane Austen, which I found quoted in the book “101 Things You Didn’t Know About Jane Austen” by Patrice Hannon).

One of the possible reasons for this wonderful day was surely because it was illuminated by one big happy event. My son’s birthday. I have a big and very proud boy of four years. As the card, which he got from my mother today says, he “can do now all those things, which [he] could not do when [he] was three years old”. This makes him immensely happy and proud. He confirmed this by a happy sigh today and saying: “Oh, I am so happy!”

This happy event of my son’s birthday led to many sweet calls and greetings from our family and friends, from Germany, Denmark and even France.

And of course a big party in the kindergarten. On our way from downtown, where we celebrated his day in his favourite restaurant, home, Niklas sang to us songs his friends sang to him in the kindergarten including all the “Hurray!” exclamations interpreted by him with much enthusiasm, as well as a song he sang as a thank-you answer to them. He even translated those songs for us by singing them in German. I suspect, with a smile on my face, that he composed at least parts of those songs as he sang them to us.

Picture: all the small things and special attentions surrounding this special day made us, his parents, extremely happy and proud. This colourful greeting met Niklas and us today on the kindergarten’s entrance door.