They will always be back

About a week and a half ago I went to buy flowers and found this plaque at the florist’s nearby:


I laughed out loud and realized how transformational this clever combination of phrases is.

I bought this plaque immediately. I had to have it! To make me smile, but also to remind me of the tricks my mind often plays on me.

When I experience transformation and a worry or an upset resolves, I think: “This is it, I’ve made it! This worry will not come back anymore! I am soooo good!” And so on and so on.

And then five minutes later, usually less, the worrying thought comes back. Often from another and much unexpected angle.

This used to irritate me. But awareness, transformation and many illustrations by Ariel and Shya Kane in their books, seminars and online ( ) helped me to realize that these thoughts are mere pre-recordings from my past life and will always appear when something unexpected is happening.

Life always comes in unexpected ways. So I might as well expect these thoughts appear again and again. They will appear in one form or another. And searching a reason for their appearance will not solve the problems I imagine and associate with them, however my brain will try to convince me otherwise.

This plaque is a true gift, because every time I looked at it during the ten days or so since I have it, it never failed to make me laugh and relax.

I send grateful thoughts to its creator. And hugs and love to all who read this.