One Minute Read from the Take Control of Your Business


Here is the tenth blog post in a series featuring videos on YouTube, where I read from one of my motivational books for one minute.

In this video, I read from my book Take Control of Your Business: Learn What Business Rules Are, Find Out That You Already Know and Use Them, Then Update Them Regularly to Maximize Your Business Success.

I am reading from the chapter titled “T – Terminating Your Product or Service, When and How to Do This.”

Here it is if you want to read along, prior, or afterward.


Excerpt from the Take Control of Your Business

This business rules type is often forgotten or ignored. Not many want to think about terminating the existence of their product or service, hoping it will be there forever.
But it won’t. At least not in its very first shape or version. Besides, the updates might be so crucial that at some point you will have something entirely new and different than merely an upgraded product or service.

I can guarantee that sooner or later you will need to discard one (and most probably more) of your products or services or various parts of them.

What do you have to know then?

In this case, as before, the answer becomes clear as soon as you focus your attention on your customers’ interests.

When you do this, the following important question appears:

How will the termination of, or a significant change in, your product or service affect your customers?


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