Optimist Wirter’s Business News: December 2015

Last month and a half in the time of Optimist Writer’s existence were as exciting as the month of the launch.

Services crystallized from many ideas. Projects started and closed, new started.

Here is a summary of what happened in frame from mid November until today.

I’ve worked with a company in Spain to introduce S1000D into their production cycle for technical publications. It included a 2 plus 2 hours training course and implementation part of less than a week time. The training consisted of theoretical introduction and a few days later we started studying S1000D practically on concrete data of these company. They needed to convert their technical manuals into S1000D conformant information. In the implementation phase I drafted business rules for them using the business rules template in Excel form for Issue 4.1 (available under Downloads for Issue 4.1 at www.s1000d.org) and converted a small manual into S1000D. I am very glad that the company expressed interest to work with me in relation to S1000D also in the coming year.

Very special news and highlight for me personally is the initiation of Resources on business rules in general and S1000D business rules in particular. With these, I give further the experience I gathered in this field and I am very excited about it. These resources will be finalized, revised and published as self-standing books. Depending on the resonance to the S1000D business rules initiative to order the S1000D business rules into a certain sequence / chain, I hope to be able to update this information with every new S1000D Issue.

I am very curious and excited to see what new projects will emerge in the coming year.

Until then I will take a break from posting, but not from creating. Notes are continuously filled in with new ideas and drafts for the future posts and projects. But you will see them first after the New Year’s Eve.

On this note, let me wish, all who connected and worked with me during the starting time of my business, and all who read this, warm and wonderful holidays and the very best for the coming year 2016!!!